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Pope Francis kisses prisoners

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Pope Francis kisses prisoners’ feet at Rome’s Regina Coeli Prison. March 29, 2018.

Rome, Italy, Mar 29, 2018 / 12:25 pm news – Pope Francis had a message for prison inmates at the Mass for the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday: Jesus does not play it safe but takes a risk on each one of us, even to the point of washing our feet in the act of a servant.
“Jesus comes to serve us, and the signal that Jesus serves here today, at the Regina Coeli prison, is that he wanted to choose 12 of you, like the 12 apostles, to wash your feet,” the Pope said March 29.
Francis noted that Jesus takes a risk on everyone, even himself, telling the 12 inmates whose feet he would wash later in the Mass that as he bows in front of them, they should think: “Jesus took a risk on this man, a sinner, to come to me and tell me who loves me.”
“This is service, this is Jesus: he never abandons us; he never tires of forgiving us. He loves us so much.”