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Man who couldn’t afford a mortgage builds himself a houseboat instead

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Ricardo Churchill, like many of us, was shocked at house prices and the idea of being lumbered with a huge mortgage. 

Ricardo Churchill is the same as us, he was shocked at current house prices and the idea of being moved to a new house was evaded.

But, while many of us find solutions to buy a house in any way, saving money or applying for a mortgage, this 32 year old man’s idea was different. 

Ricardo had five weeks to build the boat using hit metalworking skills (Picture: ricardo_churchill / CATERS NEWS)

The man professionally metal fabricator and he began working on his new goal. He spent 18-hour days on his dream house which is a houseboat where he lives now. 

18 hour days eventually paid off (Picture: ricardo_churchill / CATERS NEWS)

This boat is almost 57 feet long and wide 10 feet and stands on River Soar near Kegworth, Leics. This took five weeks to complete the project and totally cost 25,000 which is 10 times lower than the mortgage he was expecting.

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