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Why do the righteous suffer? Why does God allow his children go through sufferings and hardships than heathens?

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Suffering is an invetable part of genuine christian life. If you are not going through sufferings in someway, you are not a genuine christian. We face sufferings in different ways, peter says it ” trail of your faith” (1peter 1:7) each and every child of God need to go through sufferings in order to prove their faith in the lord. The depth and duration of your sufferings determines your calling and anointing. The more sufferings you have, the higher calling and anointing you have. Sufferings are not meant to destroy you, neither put you down. instead, to equip you to your destiny without being brought down to naught.

Job was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil. yet, he is the one who suffered brutally than any child of God in the bible. he lost his seven sons and three daughters as a result of the great suffering. even loosing one child would definitely cause us into deep depressions and panic, perhaps into long years of mental agony. think about job who went through such a great loss of ten children all of a sudden. his wife told him to deny the lord, still he didn’t deny God neither refuse to follow him. All these sufferings were not because he was wicked or disobedient, was not because of any certain sin he committed. God has never promised us a life on the bed of roses.

Many of your life might be on the bed of thorns rightnow, but God will deliver us in his time. We need to wait on the lord patiently as David says in psalms 40:1 ” I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry”. Waiting is not easy, but if you wait on the lord you will be blessed in every areas of your life. Let’s wait and pray to the lord he will uplift you in due time.
Amen, God bless you.

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