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A baby celebrates his first birthday after a brain tumour surrounded by love from around the world

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A baby who survived a giant brain tumour returned home from hospital to celebrate his first birthday surrounded by hundreds of birthday cards sent by his loving fans from around the world. 

Roux Owen was discharged from hospital on his birthday after undergoing 10 operations in just 11 months to remove a tumour the size of two oranges. His parents Antony and Amy, 32, from Hull, United Kingdom had expected him to spend the day in hospital so asked well-wishers to post birthday cards to the ward. But on his birthday, they were told by doctors that he was being discharged and he could return home.

Roux had multiple surgeries to deal with his tumours (Picture: Lee McLean / SWNS)
Roux at Leeds General Infirmary just after surgery and only being a month old (Picture: Lee McLean / SWNS)
The adorable youngster is now at home (Picture: Lee McLean / SWNS)
Lee McLean/SWNS

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