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Wicked Mother Abandoned Baby in a Church Toilet

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A baby was found abandoned in a Church bathroom in Gauteng, South Africa. The baby who was neatly dressed and placed on a towel on the floor of the church bathroom, unknown.

It was gathered that the baby who was found during Sunday service yesterday, has now been taken in by Fountain of Love Orphanage.The news was shared on the orphanage’s page on Facebook, and it reads;

baby abandoned in  church

While at church 2day, a new born baby was left at our outside bathroom in our Home (Orphanage) in Katlehong. One of our kids found this little angel when we got back from church.

Thank you Lungi Phiri from Motloung Section for responding so quickly.. Much appreciated. May God Bless you and may he bless each and everyone who is still planning to come. Together we can…

This is coming a few days after we reported that a young mom was caught, while trying to escape after abandoning her child in a bush in Ofada, Ogun State. In a video published online, the lady who revealed she is from Ijero, Ekiti, recently gave birth to twin girls and tried to dump one in the bush.

The lady can be heard in the video saying she arrived Ofada in search of her babies’ father after one of them fell sick. According to the said lady, she met the children’s father, Lukmon, in Ekiti, but hasn’t been in contact with him since she gave birth, as he ran away and changed his phone number.

She further narrated that she was tired of all the sufferings around her and decided to dump the sick twin since she couldn’t find the father in Ofada where he claimed to have worked.

Source: hozobo.com