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Seven-time Olympic medalist beat her Ovarian Cancer

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Shannon Miller who is Seven-time Olympic medalist found out she has a cancer when she turns to 33. It was 2010 and she didn’t give any propriety for her medical health exams. At the time she was a mum to 1-year-old baby.

Shannon Miller with her baby
Shannon Miller with her baby

She says her lessons learn from training helps to beat her cancer even though she missed her health lesson. As a gymnastic champion everyday all-day she used to train and practice. According to her that is the main reason for cure from her ovarian cancer. Moreover, she all time positive on mentality as she focuses on her trainings.

“I started thinking – I was working in the health field interviewing physicians for my weekly radio show talking about early detection, and I thought ‘I’m not setting a good example by skipping an exam,” what she said. So this was really help her doctors to find out her cancer in early stage and started treatments accordingly.

Today she is all good and having good time with her baby and family.

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